What's New @ Two Tongue


From the 31/1/22 we will not be supplying any further upgrades for RM-MultiStore and we will no longer be taking on any new users.

From the 31/3/22 we will no longer provide RM-MultiStore Per Incident support to users who have an inactive RM-MultiStore support status.

RM-MultiStore is an easy to use head office data aggregation tool that allows retailers with multiple stores using MYOB RetailManager to send data from each store back to one or more head offices.  Ideally suited to small to medium enterprises, RM-MultiStore is Wide Area Network software which uses the Internet for communication and therefore is inexpensive to operate, gives you a single point of control, and best of all it works seamlessly with MYOB RetailManager.

New features to version 5.7 include:


Cooking is a collection of tools and utilities for the MYOB RetailManager database.  The Mass Delete tool deletes stock items, package codes and customers.  Customer e:Mailout allows you to create and send e-mails to your customer list.  Mailout Export creates a mail out list of your customers.  The Data Editor allows you to easily edit a range of items and Price Rounding allows you to selectively round sell prices.  The utilities include a Database Cloner which allows you to create a Complete or Partial Clone of your MYOB RetailManager database and a Password Reminder.

New features to version 2.1.23: