Cooking - Price Rounding

Price RoundingPrice Rounding

Price Rounding allows you to selectively round the sell price (including tax) to the nearest user defined value.  When used with the Data Editor, it's a fantastic tool for resetting thousands of prices in your MYOB RetailManager database whenever there is a price change without ending up with an RRP of $3.91 or $99.62 and without having to manually check every price.

Price Rounding works in 3 stages:

This would result in all items whose existing RRP is between $10.00 and $100.00 having their prices rounded to the nearest $5.00 with a $0.05 offset.  Thus an item that was $28.75 would be repriced to $29.95 and an item that was $50.00 would become $49.95.  An item that was $2.55 would not change, as it falls outside the selection criteria.