RM-MultiStore - Head Office Solution for MYOB RetailManager

RM-MultiStore is an easy to use head office data aggregation tool that allows retailers with multiple stores using MYOB RetailManager to send data from each store back to one or more head offices.  Ideally suited to small to medium enterprises, RM-MultiStore is Wide Area Network software which uses the Internet for communication and therefore is inexpensive to operate, gives you a single point of control, and best of all it works seamlessly with MYOB RetailManager.

Features include:

RM-MultiStore comprises 5 modules that work together seamlessly:

  • WAN Client - manages the exchange of data from each store to head office
  • WAN Lookup - allows stores to see stock on hand data from other stores
  • WAN Server - is the control centre of RM-MultiStore at head office
  • WAN Reports - allows for management reports to be viewed at head office
  • WAN Export - recreates the store's entire database

RM-MultiStore grows with your business

You can request licenses for new stores anytime.  With a second WAN Server a state manager can have their store's data being sent to them, whilst head office gets every store's data.  The state manager can then access sales figures, run reports and investigate a store's MYOB RetailManager database.

Download RM-MultiStore Brochure

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For more information on MYOB RetailManager, see the AAAPOS website.